Most choirs are auditioned to make sure that everyone can keep up with the musical rigour.

But as long as you can match pitch and have a heart for music, you'll fit right in.


At least not in this choir.

You don’t have to be a natural at music...

We believe that music lifts each person and unites people together.

We believe that learning how to sing starts with understanding the song.

While the teaching and learning process can vary depending on the experience of the singer, expressing the meaning of the words in a song is the key to developing as a singer.

When the expressiveness of the words are understood and interpreted, engagement in the singing process flows authentically.

And when that happens, we make real music.

There's nothing like making music—together.

Music educator and composer Gerda Blok-Wilson created Cansing in 2010 with the belief that everyone can sing.

Stemming from a deep love for music, Gerda felt inspired by her mother—a singer and choral leader—who created music from building communities.

This inspiration forged the way for Gerda to teach and make music—from classrooms, to compositions and choral communities.

My brother-in-law, who has attended every concert since I joined the choir, said that [our concert] was the best performance that he has seen over those years.

- Mike McClellan, Bass

We're more than a choir.

Meet the artistic team

For over 20 years, Cansing has cultivated a space where singers of all skill levels and musicians can come together and make music.

Gerda is an award-winning composer, conductor and music educator who enjoys the opportunity to work with imaginative singers!

Her compositions have won awards including the Barbara Pentland Award for Outstanding Composition from the Canadian Music Centre, 2018 and the Canadian Music Award for the George S. Mathieson Category (BCAPAF).

They have also been recorded by groups like Chor Leoni, the Gesualdo Six, and the Elora Singers, whose latest album, which includes one of Gerda's songs, has been nominated for a Juno award.

During her time in northern British Columbia (BC), Gerda conducted the renowned Bel Canto Choirs and Cantata Singers. She also taught summer music education courses at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). 

Presently, she is Artistic Director for Vancouver CanSing Choir and also works as Artist-in-Residence for the St. Patrick’s Regional High School Chamber Choir. 

Gerda lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and her feline, Tess.

Gerda Blok-Wilson

Founder & Conductor

In 2005, Kevin left his full-time job in software development and began teaching, arranging, performing, and directing music full-time.

Since then, he has been serving as the music director at St. Mark’s Parish on the University of British Columbia campus, and teaches music privately and at the Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, BC.

Kevin was the principal pianist in the orchestra for musical theatre productions such as “A Chorus Line” and “Joseph” with the Royal City Theatre Company and  “Sweet Charity” with the Pipedream Theatre Company. He was also the accompanist for several choirs including Ensemble Etoile, and the Downton Singers.

Kevin is classically trained in piano and holds the Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT) teacher’s diploma. For more information about his work, please visit his Facebook page.

Kevin hopes that anyone who has a love for music would find a place where they feel welcome to learn, explore, share their music with others, and discover the talent that they have been given. For Kevin, this is the true meaning of music. 

Kevin Eng


Andrea was formerly the Assistant Director for the CanSing youth singers.

She holds a degree in Film Studies from the University of Alberta.

She has been involved with choirs since Grade 2: Bel Canto, Northern Voices, and now Vancouver CanSing Adult Choir.

Andrea has experience both acting and directing theatre, including “The Green Man” which won best Ensemble at the Central Interior Zone Festival, 2008.

Spending Tuesdays singing comes as naturally as breathing now!

Andrea Westaway

Choral Assistant

I could not help but be swept away by the spirit of community.

"The joy and sense of belonging in the room was undeniable. I am impressed by the obvious musical strides this organization has made in a few short years… 

- Dr. Jeanette Gallant

It is a privilege to sing with such wonderful people.

"I really enjoy being part of the concert so much. It is a privilege to sing with such wonderful people.

 Your selections of music is always so meaningful and inspirational."

- Kim Barnaby, Soprano

CanSing has brought joy back into my life.

"It's wonderful that it is something my daughter and I can do together."

- Julia Smith, Alto

It would be special to have three generations of our family involved.

"I joined the choir, following after my daughter and her two daughters, thinking it would be special to have three generations of our family involved. It certainly was, and is! It's been a wonderful experience. And now my second daughter has joined! "

-  Mike McClellan, Bass

I really looked forward to Tuesday nights this fall.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for another wonderful season of music. I really looked forward to Tuesday nights this fall because of your great teaching and the positive nature of the group.

I also appreciate your original scores and the beautiful and inspiring pieces of music you select for each season.

-  James Hampton, Tenor

We invite you to sing with us if you're able to match pitch so that making music is more enjoyable for you than it is difficult.

If you're not sure whether you're able to match pitch, feel free to contact Gerda to arrange a placement session.

We’re non-auditioned but we’re always game for a challenge. We cover a wide range of genres like classical, jazz, and folk to build vocal technique and challenge ourselves.

At the end of the season, we like to invite the rest of the neighbourhood along with friends and family to share music through 1-2 shows.

But we're also serious about making music.

Let’s make music—together.

Our choral season runs from September - May every year. If you think you would enjoy making music with us, we invite you to register!

If you're interested in joining but have questions or concerns, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Registration closed 

Let’s make music—together.

Our choral season runs from September - May every year. If you think you would enjoy making music with us, we invite you to join our waitlist so that you're the first to know!

If you're interested in joining but have questions or concerns, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


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If you can talk, you can sing!