VCS Youth Choirs present COME SAIL THE SEA, May 24th, 7pm and May 27th, 7pm, 4370 Sophia St.

by Gerda Blok-Wilson on May 7th, 2016
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VCS Youth Choirs will present a 60 minute show, COME SAIL THE SEA featuring sea chanteys such as BLUENOSE and LUKEY’S BOAT and a musical theatre performance of PIRATES, THE MUSICAL by John Jacobson and Roger Emerson, Tuesday, May 24th, 7pm and Friday, May 27th, 7pm 4370 Sophia St. (Cityview Church). Admission to the community show is by donation ($5 – $10.00 suggested amount).

“Aye mates”, prepare yourselves for a 40 minute comical tale, PIRATES, THE MUSICAL about the King of the High “Cs” and his “salty crew” of singing pirates including Bluebeard, Yellowbeard, Whitebeard and the “no beards”.  “The swellest singer of the Swashbucklin’ Sea”, the King of the High “Cs” and his pirates are practicing for the annual pirate singing contest. They can’t lose this year because they’ve got the King on their side. While practicing “round tones” using their “scurvied diaphrams”, they unexpectedly discover a stowaway on board.  All the pirates know that King will know what to do and he doesn’t “take kindly to stowaways”. Will they feed him to the sharks, make him walk the plank or throw him into prison? “Yo, ho, ho!” They’ll be “singin’ a pirate song!”

Led by Gerda Blok-Wilson (Artistic director), Kevin Eng (assistant conductor and accompanist), Andrea Westaway (assistant youth choirs), Ashley Gonzales (guest accompanist), this performing choir (boys and girls age 8 – 14) offers singers a wide variety of 2 and 3 – part treble repertoire, more advanced vocal technique and musical theatre stage experience. Past performances by the VCS singers include Clowns, Pinocchio and The Elephant’s Child.

“The kids were fantastic – the sound carried so well, even the soloists.”  Beth Ringdahl (singer)

“I finally made a concert last night and enjoyed it thoroughly. Loved the repertoire and the high energy.” Mavis Weston (conductor)

Come Sail the Sea

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