VCS Junior Youth Choir EIEI-OOPS and Songs, 5pm, March 12th, Cityview Church

by Gerda Blok-Wilson on March 11th, 2019
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This group of fine young Vancouver Cansing musicians will take to the stage tomorrow, 5pm, Cityview Church to perform their short musical EIEI-OOPS story: In the barnyard, Mr. and Mrs. Old MacDonald and Mr. and Mrs. Farmer in the Dell and the whole barnyard are singing except the poor cow who is afraid to vocalize because she’s too shy and has been teased…

The group will also sing some of the wonderful repertoire they have learned this year.

Along with artistic support from Kevin Eng, Tim Mah, Graeme Guimond, the VCS Level 1 and 2 program is such an amazing introduction to choral singing for young singers! With emphasis on singing and vocal production using the principles of the Kodály method, the children develop musical skills singing varied repertoire and are introduced to age appropriate movement and storytelling skills. It’s been a delight to work with this group of singers!  

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