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SelfDesign CanSing Choir

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Conductor: Gerda Blok-Wilson

Thursdays,3:30 – 4:30pm

Ages: 6 – 13

Jericho Hill Centre

4196 W4th Ave, Vancouver

 Singing in a choir is like playing on a sports team.  The rehearsals are similar to practices.  They prepare the singer for a performance which is a lot like a game.  The choir also has a conductor who is like a sports coach.  The job of the conductor is to teach skills that will help singers develop their musicianship and voice.

 At the beginning of the Self Design CanSing Choir rehearsal, there will be warm up exercises.  Along with many skills, these exercises will build such things as vocal, listening, rhythmic, breathing, movement and reading skills.  They will also build drama skills. 

 After a short warm up, the song practice will consist of learning how to sing the melody, harmony and rhythm (musical elements).  It will also include exploring ways to make the song interesting for the audience (dramatically telling a story through the song).  There will be several different songs during the practice for singers to develop skills. 

 A choir is a team just like sports.  Everyone practices skills together so they can sing a song both beautifully and creatively.  There will be many times during rehearsal and performance when everyone makes a mistake, but the choir scores goals when everyone works together with a keen attitude!

 I hope you can join the Self Design CanSing Choir team!!