by Gerda Blok-Wilson on September 4th, 2021
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Check out our composition ADVENTURE!

The composition theme. Quotations to inspire music creations….

The project was developed and designed by composer, Gerda Blok-Wilson, over a four-week period (one hour each) via Zoom with the Okanagan Children’s Choir and director, Frances Chiasson.


Graphic Score examples

Learning objectives included introducing singers to basic graphic, rhythmic and melodic compositions by introducing examples and providing opportunities to create short musical compositions using age-appropriate skills. Singers were also introduced to two short musical compositions developed by a professional composer (Gerda Blok-Wilson) and integrated some of the student creations to make a collaborative choral composition called “We Sing”.

A few of the rhythmic phrases
A few examples of the short melodies.

Each lesson included a singing warm-up, introduction to new skills, review of skills and reinforcement of concepts. Opportunities to create and share ideas as well as short compositions were provided each lesson. Singers were invited to offer their ideas and collaborate with ideas submitted by other children. A final composition was created. However, it is flexible and can be adapted to include new musical ideas created by the choir director and singers.

While composition workshops happened prior to Covid, this completely digital project developed using such tools as Zoom, Audacity, Sibelius Composition program, Dropbox, Cell phone recording and children were introduced to these digital tools to create music.

During Covid-19, the choral arts were hit hard but clearly this project was a redesigned and innovative way to share the music composition process with young singers who may not have had an opportunity to experience the process in-person.”.

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