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Vancouver CanSing Adult Choir: Tony Araujo GUEST CONDUCTOR

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

With his energetic and inspiring conducting skills, Tony Araujo (BC Boys Choir, Corpus Christi Choir, St Patrick’s Regional High School Choirs) had the ability to pull out the best of Vancouver CanSing Adult Choir (Gerda Blok-Wilson, Artistic Director) members during their first GUEST CONDUCTOR session.  He reinforced a lot of concepts including vowels, diction, tone and storytelling. 

 Thank you to choir members for their whole-hearted participation!! There was a great response from singers when Tony Araujo  asked them to try new exercises and concepts.  Sometimes choir members don’t respond with such SPIRIT!!

SEIZE THE DAY , Saturday, March8th, 2:30 & 7pm, Immanuel Baptist Church (109 E40th Ave) is  going to be a great concert!