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Gerda your pedagogical support and assessment practices inspire me.” Tony Araujo

Congratulations, Gerda! You change lives wherever you go! Jaclyn Riemer

I just heard the Chamber Choir this afternoon…and wow, I’m stunned and blown away by the sound they make. I echo what another person commented about St. Pat’s….you need to remind yourself…that they are only teenagers but extremely mature and hardworking teenagers…because you WILL undoubtedly think you’re listening to a flawless CD recording by a professional choir. What an honour and joy it is to work with St. Pat’s with Gerda Blok-Wilson. Kemuel Wong

2013 Vancouver CanSing Pinocchio: No Strings Attached

I just wanted to send you a BIG thank you for what you put into this production. The excitement, joy, confidence, and sense of accomplishment Marissa has expressed from her entire experience is just so wonderful. No words can express our appreciation for this opportunity you have provided. Now that marissa’s had a taste of it, she’s definitely hungry for more 🙂  Melodie Jong

It was a wonderful experience for us all!  thank you.  jack was very proud and energized!!!  also a great way to build confidence in new skills and newly discovered talents.  Susan Rempel

We were very impressed by the performance today. Aaron had a wonderful experience at CanSing this year. Thank you for giving great guidance to Aaron and the whole choir.  Tim and Janice

2013 February BC Kodaly Society of Canada Conducting Workshop at Douglas College

On behalf of the BCKSC I would like to thank you for your inspiring and practical workshop on “Integrating Kodaly Concepts in choir”.  We especially appreciated the demonstrations with members of your Vancouver CanSing Choir.  Emily Pollet

2012 Christmas Simon Fraser Elementary Choir Enrichment Choir Original composition “March of the Elves” based on the Nutcraker

2011 – 12 Sept – March  Lord Tennyson Elementary Choir Conductor enrichment

Artist-in-Residence: St Patrick’s Regional High School

2012 – 13 Sept – June  St Patrick’s Regional High School Chamber Choir & grade 8, 9, Concert Choir.

“I so appreciate all you do to support bringing out excellence in these students”.  Dr Tony Araujo   (Artistic Director & Conductor: British Columbia Boys Choir, Corpus Christi College, St Patrick Regional Secondary)

2011 – 2012 Sept – June St Patrick’s Regional High School Chamber Choir & grade 8, 9  & Concert Choir (Artist in Residence)

2011 Jan – June St Patrick’s Regional High School: Chamber Choir (Artist in Residence)


Grades 4/5: The Friendship Bridge (General Wolfe School):

Grade 2: Shape Up: King Geo needs to build a new castle so he calls upon all his people (triangles, squares, rectangles and circles) to help with ideas but things get out of hand…

2010 projects at General Wolfe Elementary Vancouver

Grade 1: Jolly Crawly Bugs Mini-Musical:

It’s the cold and flu season and the Jolly Crawly Bugs are JIVING.  This 10 minute primary musical integrates with health and hygiene and an ever important awareness of Handwashing steps…

Grade 2: A Friendship Recipe & song

“I might add a cupful of trust to my friendship recipe because…” The objective of this project is to promote the learning of friendship skills.

Grade 6/7: Winter Solstice News Mini-Musical

CK News (Cool Kids News) has just learned that the winter solstice is approaching and some people are worried about the fact that there’s so little daylight.  The roving reporters interview the kids at school who have researched the science, history and culture behind the winter solstice.

Here’s what people say:

“I am so excited to see what you come up with!!!!  It is a treat working with someone so experienced!”  Nancy Bradshaw (PhD)

“Tuesday night went great!  Thank you again for everything.  The little ones rocked too!”  Shannon Soper (General Wolfe Elementary)

“I think it’s going to look great – It’s been a gift having you in!”  Shelley Ugyan (General Wolfe Elementary)

Teaching and learning experiences are meaningful and engaging when the arts (music, dance, drama and visual arts) are integrated throughout the curriculum including literacy and numeracy learning and the voice (speaking/singing) is an instrument readily available to any classroom.

I am experienced in developing music connections both as a Fine Arts Resource Teacher, Choral specialists, Music and Drama Educator and Post Secondary Instructor.

The “hands–on” teacher professional development and student learning sessions can be designed with the classroom or music teacher/conductor and can provide, for example:

  • music connections in other subject areas
  • the pedagogy of teaching and learning singing concepts and skills
  • teaching and learning choral singing
  • musical theatre development.

You can contact me through my convenient contact form with any details you wish to discuss about the services I offer.

Example of Music Connections:

  • Sound Advice

The 30 minute musical play explores everything from sound vibrations and decibels to sound pollution and the affects on humans and the environment.


All of the students have learned about sound in Science.  Student # 3 (girl or boy) is the class nerd and seems to know a lot of important facts about sound.  This leads to a discussion about sound pollution, the anatomy of the ear drum and how to sing in tune for the school talent show.

  • Simon Fraser and the Raging River

Simon Fraser’s journey on the river named for him is one of the greatest feats in the exploration of Canada.  Although Fraser along with lesser known explorers, John Stuart and Jules Quesnel, failed to find a trading route to the Pacific Ocean, their exploration helped to open up North America and the province of British Columbia.


From the small trading post of Fort George, on the morning of May 22nd, 1808, Simon Fraser and his crew set out in four birch-bark canoes.  Thirty minutes long, the “The Raging River” is a representation of his seventy – one day journey and raises issues including the affects of early exploration and the technologies used (transportation).

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