VCS Choir Level 3

Tuesdays: 6 – 7:15pm, 4370 Sophia St. Beginning

January 9th, 2018

Does your child love to sing? Do they demonstrate a keenness to learn quality choral music of any style or genre? Do they express an interest in developing proper vocal skills?

Age Category: 9 – 13 (grades 4 through 8 – non-auditioned)

Fee:$165.00 (Sept to mid-Dec session) & $165.00 (Jan to end of May session).

Limit: 25 Singers (Spaces available)

Green T-Shirt Fee: $15.00 used for performances (For new members or those returning who need a new T-shirt, fee will be collected when rehearsals begin)

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Trick Me Once video

Here’s what teachers have said about VCS Level 3’s recent school performances: Trick Me Once video

“Thanks for the lovely performance! My students had a blast!” Deanna Bistriceanu (Simon Fraser Elementary).

“It was awe inspiring! Truly! I would love to be on a mailing list for next year if that is possible.” Christine Oades (General Wolfe Elementary).

“It was such a great show- again!! I always get shivers and come close to tears when I hear your children sing, it is such a beautiful thing. Thank you.” Jessica Wilkes (Van Horne Elementary).

Membership in Vancouver CanSing involves committing to all rehearsals and performances and advertising events by putting up posters, emailing and inviting friends and family to shows. If you see any reason that this commitment would be a challenge for you, please email prior to registering.

Vancouver Cansing Choirs: IMPORTANT DATES

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 7pm SOAR (all choirs) Tupper Auditorium

Tuesday, May 22, 7pm Level 3 & 4 Musical (THE MOZART PHENOMENON): Community Show

Friday, May 25, 10:30am & 1pm Level 3 & 4 Musical: School Shows

7pm Level 3 & 4 Musical: Community Show

Elephant Child Cast*There are two sessions: 1) September to mid-December 2) January to end of May.

Led by Gerda Blok-Wilson, accompanied by Kevin Eng, assisted by Andrea Westaway this performing choir (boys and girls age 9 – 16) will offer singers a wide variety of unison, 2 and 3 – part treble and boys changing voice repertoire, more advanced vocal technique and musical theatre stage experience.

This is a non-auditioned choir but we are looking for young singers who love to be on stage and demonstrate boundless enthusiasm! The Level 3 and 4 choirs will rehearse mass choir selections together. Both groups will have the opportunity to work with choreographer Erin Robertson.

Choristers will perform at two CanSing shows per term but may also participate in other community choral events. *This is a full year program: September – end of May. Parents should only register singers with the intention of working with the choir for the year. For this choir level, a few additional sectional rehearsals may be called for concert and possible festival preparation.

Because it’s a great opportunity to build experience and meet singers from other schools in our area, we encourage boys and girls with school choir experience to register. The music is eclectic and will be chosen from a variety of styles including the classics, musical theatre, folk, jazz and popular. Fees include music.

Pictures/video recording: Before sign up, pleased be advised that Vancouver CanSing choir will take pictures and video record rehearsal and some performance for educational reasons, announcements and archives only. Parents and audience are prohibited from taking photos or video recording for safety, professional performer and copyright issues unless given permission from the director or assistants.

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Financial Assistance is supported for singers who feel they are not able to pay the full fee. This opportunity is based on a “pay what you can basis”. Please contact me directly regarding this matter before registering for a choir session.