VCS Adult Choir

Fall rehearsals (2021). Cityview Church: Tuesdays, 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm, Sept 28 – Nov 23.  PayPal registration (below) is available for fully vaccinated singers. The choir will strictly follow all protocols set by the BCMOH. Registrants will receive more information in detail prior to rehearsal startup. 

Limit (due to Covid 19 protocols): 25 singers (5 spaces available-Sept 21-21)


The CANSING VIRTUAL CHOIR rehearsals, led by Gerda Blok-Wilson and Kevin Eng will be offered online for the safety of members.  During Covid, 60-minute choral sessions have included physical and vocal warm-up as well as choral techniques woven into the use of both practice loops and recording loops. This is a great way to improve singing techniques and build fantastic, unique virtual choir song performances.

Although it was wonderful to work with our virtual choir members during the unprecedented time of Covid, Kevin and I are excited about planning to return safely to in-person CANSING ADULT CHOIR rehearsals for the coming 2021-2022 choir season. Details regarding registration, repertoire and events will be confirmed mid September. However, beginning Tuesday, September 28th, I encourage you to keep Tuesdays, 800 pm -9:15 pm free.

CANSING is known as a welcoming and friendly community choir but we also learn lots of vocal technique, music skills and songs. I encourage you to pass along invitations to prospective new members.

Because the youth choir will not be continuing, singers (grades 6-12) treble/changing voices are welcome to attend with family adult choir members if they are keen to sing and have the focus. We are always looking for men’s voices too!


Check out our wonderful HERE COMES A NEW DAY VIDEO.

We’d love to have you sing with us! Please check the show dates below…

Limit (Grade 11 & 12 and up): 50 singers. Accommodation is made

Fee: $185.00 This covers many expenses including music, rental, administrative and music professional fees.

There are 2 sessions: Sept – Dec & Jan – May. *Registration is considered complete when payment is received through payment link below. For new singers entering in January, email Gerda for information:

Black T-shirt Fee: $15.00 used for performances (For new members or those returning who need a new T-shirt, fee will be collected when rehearsals begin). These will be available during in-person rehearsals.

Vancouver Cansing Choirs: IMPORTANT DATES: TBA

Click here to watch a Vancouver CanSing Video

We’re constantly looking for the best ways to keep the Vancouver Cansing Choir community safe, keep learning and singing and to share the music we’ve rehearsed. 

To pay the $185 registration fee for the September 28, 2021 session, please do so through your PayPal account or choose the credit card or Visa Debit option:

Take note:

  • Rehearsals will begin Sept 28th all members on their devices. Singers will need to be on mute for the internet lag time but can practice from the safety of their own homes. However, during the session a small number of singers may be invited to attend “in-person” but would need to wear masks and follow the health protocols.
  • Gerda and Kevin will be in the same room so the flow of rehearsal will be more like “in-person”.
  • Practice files will follow up instruction. This will make rehearsal easier for singers and instructors.
  • Singers are encouraged to take part in at least one recording. The choir is very non-judgemental and this is meant to be a learning process. Other songs will be available for those who wish to do more. At least one song will be available to share to friends and family.
  • Music will be sent as a pdf prior to rehearsal start up.
  • Cityview will be rented each week but not necessarily used. This will ensure that the choir has an “in-person” rehearsal space when needed.
  • Performances will be via recording (YouTube) which will be available for distribution to friends and family.

If you are not sure whether this is the choir for you, please feel free to contact Gerda to arrange an interview.

Financial Assistance is supported for singers who feel they are not able to pay the full fee. This opportunity is based on a “pay what you can basis”. Please contact me directly regarding this matter before registering for a choir session.

Ensemble Mambo

CanSing is comprised of various choral groups of varying age groups, all of whom sing separately but also engage in multi-generational music-making.  I could not help but be swept away by the spirit of community.  The joy and sense of belonging in the room was undeniable. I am impressed by the obvious musical strides this organization has made in a few short years… Bravo!!! Dr Jeanette Gallant

Led by Gerda Blok-Wilson and accompanied by Kevin Eng, this is an opportunity for both men and women to rehearse and perform choral music in a fun but educational way. VCS Adult Choir is a non-auditioned choir but singers must be able to match pitch in order to handle the repertoire and develop part singing. If you are not sure, please contact Gerda Blok-Wilson to arrange a placement interview.

Each session will offer a variety of musical styles including the classics, jazz, folk, musical theatre and popular. It’s a great way to improve vocal technique and choral skills but also meet people in our neighbourhood. The session ends with either one or two shows.

Responsibilities include making a concerted effort to make all rehearsals and have a good time! Some electronic practice files will be made available to help learn the songs. *Singers should not apply if they are not able to sing in the shows. Fees include music.