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O LITTLE ROSE, O DARK ROSE (TTBB): The poem expresses a mutual love that cannot be. One is the free spirited, non-committed and “Carmenesque.” The other is one that is from the “other side of the world” and yearns to have this “little rose, dark rose.” Stefan Hintersteininger (Canadian Music Centre) wrote that the piece is an “achingly beautiful setting of O Little Rose, O Dark Rose”. Text byCanadian poet Charles G.D. Roberts (1860-1943). A stunning addition to TTBB male choir or ensemble. The piece was recorded by the Vancouver Chor Leoni Choir and the UK group, The Gesualdo Six. It has also been performed by the Cambridge Chorale (Owain Park).

LIFE HAS LOVELINESS TO SELL (SATB): Canadian composer, Gerda Blok-Wilson wrote Life has Loveliness to Sell to celebrate the Prince George (Canada)Cantata Singer’s 50th anniversary and is an accessible piece for anycommunity choir. The piece, set to the poem “Barter” by Sara Teasdale is a song of thankfulness and has spiritual dimension without being associated with specific religious traditions. 

ECHOES IN RAIN (SATB): This accessible arrangement of Irish musician, Enya’s beautiful “Echoes in Rain” will be a versatile addition to any choir’s sacred or secular repertoire. The lyrics describe the feelings of a long journey home and the “alleluia” celebrates thejoy each day brings.

NOW I WALK IN BEAUTY (SATB): A haunting original setting of a prayer by the Navajo people. It is a celebration of the innate beauty in everyone. The simple melody is woven through all voices. A fantastic addition to any choral program. The Scottish group Vox Inauditae recorded the piece in May, 2019: Click: Now I Walk in Beauty

Ah, Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser is a lively traditional Québécois song arrangement with piano for a developing SAB choir by Gerda Blok-Wilson. This arrangement features changing boys voices. The rhythmic selection describes a young woman who wants a monk (the word also can mean a spinning top) to dance. She offers him a cap, a gown, etc., then a psalter; he rejects each because he has taken a vow of poverty. The piece will be a favourite for both singer and audience. Great festival selection! The recording is by the Prince George Bel Canto Choirs.

Arranged by Gerda Blok-Wilson. Repertoire,Classroom,World,Folk,Celtic. Published by CanSing (S0.68899).

The Christmas Elves are Marching


Musicals, written by Gerda Blok-Wilson, which  enhance both learning in music and other subject areas in the elementary school curriculum are available through Themes and Variations:

Jolly Crawly Bugs and Winter Solstice News, two great musicals for the holiday season were just released by Themes and Variations.  So, plan ahead for Christmas 2014!!

Also, Themes and Variations distributes Sound Advice and Simon Fraser and the Raging River.  MUSIC IN MOTION also carries Sound Advice.

I have provided a selection of music for your listening pleasure and sample compositions in PDF format. If you would like to discuss or purchase any of these samples please use my contact form on the contact page and I will be sure to respond within 2 business days.

SSAB Arrangement

SAB Arrangement

SA Arrangement

Unison/Descant Arrangement

3pt Arrangement

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